What Are Some Minimalist Hobbies (Perfect For Introverts!)

a woman painting representing minimalist hobbies

So you want to learn a few hobbies but don’t want to spend a bunch of money or end up with things you don’t really need or will ever use, right? Minimalist is designed to highlight the parts of life that you enjoy, making it a harbor for all sorts of hobbyists. Whether you want to go outside and enjoy nature or stay in the comfort of your home, there’s something for you.

Minimalist hobbies include foraging for berries and mushrooms in nature, hiking local trails, getting a good workout without exercise equipment, pursuing your passion for arts, and becoming an at-home chef. All minimalist hobbies can be cheap or free, possessionless, and entertaining.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following info about finding minimalist hobbies:

  • Five entertaining, engaging hobbies that millions of people love
  • How you can use fewer items to have more fun
  • Tips to stay in your comfort zone while exploring new avenues of a simpler life

Foraging is a Worthwhile Hobby

Foraging for berries, mushrooms, and other food is quite a popular hobby. Living Apex points out that you can start in your backyard or head to the forest. There are numerous types of flowers, fruits, and edible vegetables; Most of us don’t try to eat what isn’t purchased at a store.

basket of foraging strawberries as a hobby

If you want to become better at foraging, then there are plenty of online resources. Figure out what’s edible and what’s not, then start looking for those plants around your local area. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy foraging. Some people take their skills to the next level by selling their findings to restaurants.

If you get good enough, you can contact businesses and figure out what they need. Forage for the supplies, deliver them to the company, and profit from this simple, low-key, educational minimalist hobby. You can also keep the findings to yourself to make delicious salads and snacks.

Note: Always wash the food that you’ve found outside. Pesticides, bugs, and many other contaminants can cause problems if you consume them. A little bit of water goes a long way to ensure that you stay healthy and enjoy foraging for many years to come.

Become an Expert Hiker

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a high-end backpack or expensive boots to enjoy hiking. In fact, all you need is a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes. Head out on local trails and explore parts of the world that you’ve never seen. You’d be surprised to find out the hidden gems that your town has.

a person hiking as a minimalism hobby in the mountains

A lot of people who try hiking fall in love with it right away. It’s invigorating, not to mention the excellent exercise that you get. After a few weeks, you won’t have to worry about sore legs and heavy breathing. It becomes second-nature, allowing you to soak in the scenery and bask in the fresh air.

Minimalist lets you use things that you already have to go hiking (and pursue other hobbies). Grab your old backpack from high school and strap on a pair of rugged shoes. Toss a few snacks and a water bottle in the pack and hit the trail. Stop setting limits, such as $200 boots and a $300 backpack in your way.

When you’re hiking, consider pairing it with foraging. You could go on a long trip to find delicious berries or fruit that’s far out of the public eye. The further you are from cities, the fresher and less contaminated the food will be.

Try Bodyweight Exercises

Hiking provides excellent exercise, but a lot of people don’t have access to beautiful trails. If you’re looking for a way to workout without driving too far, try bodyweight exercises. You can do them at home, at the gym, or at a local park. Many experts believe that bodyweight exercises are the best way to create healthy muscle growth.

Here are some other ideas for body exercises without weights.

a graphic showing different body exercises without weights


Here’s a handful of bodyweight workouts that you can try:

1. Pushups and pullups are a popular choice

These two exercises are thought to be the best, most efficient combination. You don’t need expensive dumbbells to clutter your floor. All you need is the ground! For pullups, find a tree in your yard or head to the park. Pushups and pullups hit your back, chest, and arms.

2. Planks are another option

Place your elbow and toes on the ground with your stomach facing down. Keep your forearms flush with the floor, then flex your core. Hold this position as long as you can each day. Planks workout your abs, arms, and back.

3. Try the six-inch leg raise

This exercise is one of the toughest around. If you’ve played sports, then there’s a high chance that you’ve tried it. Lay flat on your back with all of your limbs against the ground. Lift your feet off the ground at six inches; No more or less. Hold the position, flexing your core, then lower it after five seconds. Repeat it ten to twenty times. It works out your abs and lower back better than most exercises!

Become an Artist or Musician

Nourishing Minimalism shows us that music and art go hand-in-hand. There are plenty of art types, including painting, playing instruments, drawing, writing, acting, and more. Be creative and find out what you want to get out of minimalism. If you don’t like it, try another style of art.

a set of headphones on top of piano keys representing music as a hobby

Learning a new instrument or finding a different medium will allow you to explore your passions. You’ll know what kind of art you prefer. Instead of buying art or purchasing music, you can create your own. If you want to take minimalism to the next level, sell your paintings, drawings, and poems to get them out of your possession.

Minimalism can be quite profitable, as you’ve seen from this example and the foraging suggestion. You’ll have more time and money to enjoy the fun aspects of life. If you want to eat your art, read on.

Learn How to Cook

Believe it or not, cooking is considered an art. Whether you’re creating something visually appealing by stacking different foods or you want to cook a good meal, cooking is an excellent minimalist hobby. If you’re going to stay at home, you don’t have to go anywhere; Order your food on a grocery delivery app.

For those who want to enjoy their hobbies in a public setting, you could become a part-time chef. Pursuits can be profitable, or you could enjoy them for you and your family. An excellent way to stick to the hobby is to offer to make the meals for an upcoming event. Tell everyone that you have Thanksgiving covered, and they’ll love to hear about your new passion!

Different types of cooking and food-related art include slow cooker meals, canning, pickling, no-cook meals, baking, and dehydrating, as recommended by The Tiny Life. Go on a hike, forage some food, and cook. What better way can you combine three minimalist hobbies?


There are countless minimalist hobbies that everyone can enjoy. You don’t need to buy a bunch of gear to have a good time in the great outdoors, nor do you need a TV and video games to enjoy life inside your home.

Here’s a breakdown of what this post should’ve taught you:

  • Decide if you want to take your hobbies outside or stay indoors.
  • Most hobbies use too much equipment; Use less to learn new methods.
  • Cooking, painting, instruments, and many other hobbies are available to minimalists.
  • Try to find hobbies that bring you relaxation, excitement, or motivation.

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